Nominations are now open until 24th January 2021.
To nominate a farmer for this award, please complete the online application form below and submit.
Alternatively you can download this form HERE, complete it and email it to, or print and post it to Farming for Nature, C/O Burrenbeo Trust, Glebe Road, Kinvara, Co.Galway by the date given above.

We really hope you can nominate a farmer for this award as it’s a great opportunity to demonstrate your respect and admiration for this farmer, to share his/her inspiring story with others and perhaps encourage other farmers to adopt nature-friendly activities on their land!  If you wish to view a sample nomination form, view HERE

Before you nominate, please make sure you have asked the farmer for permission to nominate them for this award and let them know that they can expect a follow-up chat with one of our team.  

Please note: as a nominator, you can only make one nomination per county for the 2021 FFN Award!

If you want to know more about the nomination process and who can nominate see our FAQs HERE.

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