Irish Seed Savers Association

Irish Seed Savers Association (ISSA) have made a major contribution to the protection and enhancement of nature on farms, gardens and generally throughout Ireland for 30 years. ISSA conserve Ireland’s threatened genetic resources and maintain a public seed bank of over 600 varieties of seed. They preserve heirloom and heritage food crop varieties that are suitable for Ireland and local growing conditions, contributing to the nation’s food security. They provide a unique service to the nation in terms of supply of organic heritage seeds and apples trees.

The 20 acre farm, gardens and visitor trail at Capparoe, Scarriff, Co. Clare is an inspiration, ably demonstrating best practice in organic farming and farming for nature. They supply seeds of vegetables, grains, herbs and edible flowers. As well as apple trees.

They undertake research and education initiatives and work to raise awareness on biodiversity and food production. The ISSA initiate planting schemes, hold very successful open days, workshops, awareness rising during Heritage Week, along with a wide variety of other innovative projects.

They work tirelessly and with great dedication to promote biodiversity in all that they do, often with very little recourses and financial assistance.

Nominator: Congella McGuire, Heritage Officer, Clare County Council

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