Our mission is to…

Encourage all farmers to increase biodiversity on their land, manage their land in holistic manner, provide cleaner water, build fertile soils, help mitigate against climate change, and produce nutrient-dense food that will benefit their community, their economy and their environment.

How can you contribute and farm for nature…

  • Learn to observe, retain and enhance the nature you already have
  • Create more habitats that link together such as hedgerows, ponds, pollinator strips
  • Replenish and improve your soils by lowering disturbance (poaching and compaction), and increasing organic material
  • Reduce or eliminate pesticide and herbicide inputs
  • Reduce or eliminate the spreading of slurry and fertilizers on natural pastures
  • Prevent slurry, fertilizer and livestock run-off entering watercourses
  • Improve crop outputs through natural elements like multi species swards, rotations, constant cover
  • Reduce or eliminate rodenticide
  • Reduce intensification in all areas of the farm – soils, chemical inputs, livestock husbandry, and machinery to improve your stock, your land, your carbon emissions and your pocket
  • Look to natural processes and closing nutrient cycles to help transitioning away from intensification

Go to Your Farm to get more information on how to farm for nature.


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