‘Working with nature to benefit a micro-dairy’

Sinead Moran

About Sinead Moran

Sinéad Moran & Mick McGrath own a micro-dairy with a herd of traditional breed cows on 40-acres of high nature value farmland in Co. Mayo where they sell raw organic milk direct to customer. They are passionate about conserving the species-rich grass, mature trees and both retaining and enhancing biodiversity that is found on their farm. The land has been in Mick’s family for years and was never farmed intensively. The ground hasn’t been re-seeded, overstocked, fields widen or hedges removed. The land has an old orchard, an old cottage, granary and mature trees dominate all but a few boundaries. This landscape relies on grazing animals and they manage it in a way that both conserves and preserves the land’s biodiversity through holistic grazing while still producing nutrient-rich food for direct sale to the local community. “Our rich yellow butter is down to both the traditional breeds we use but also the diversity they eat… if anyone wants to something to farm better for nature, then definitely include more diversity both in the animals and what they eat”. Sinéad is also co-director at Foodture – an online group to support local producers across Ireland. She is passionate about environmental issues and climate activism, and has open up her farm as a place of educating others on what they can do to mitigate climate change. They are a small, sustainable enterprise that shows diversity and does not compromise nature. More information on Sinead’s farm and a film on her film can be seen to hereAmbassador since 2020

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