Sinead Moran and Mick McGrath

Sinéad & Mick manage a mixed herd of traditional breed cows on 27 acres of High Nature Value Farmland in Mayo. Sinéad is co-director at Foodture. She and Mick are passionate about conserving the species rich grass, mature trees and biodiversity that is found on their farm. The land has been in Mick's family for years and was never farmed intensively. The ground hasn't been re-seeded, overstocked, fields widen or hedges removed. Many years ago, the 17 acres around the cottage fed 11 people. It has an old orchard, an old cottage, granary and mature trees dominate all but a few boundaries. This landscape relies on grazing animals and they manage it in a way that both conserves and perserves the lands biodiversity while still producing nutrient rich food for direct sale to the local community.
Nominator: Nathalie Markiefka, Director, Foodture

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