Media Enquiries & Event Requests

Media enquiries

Are you filming, writing an article, conducting an interview or doing some research, and want to find out more about any of the information/resources on our website? Farming For Nature can provide stories, images, quotes and features about our network of Ambassadors, their amazing farms and their actions for nature, as well as further information about our events, farm walks, webinars that may be of interest to your readership/viewers.  We can offer farmer’s perspectives on issues such as regenerative farming, organic farming, composting, climate change, biodiversity loss, local food production, nutrient management and so on, by helping to suggest a farmer to suit a particular story/theme.  We can also provide background information and images for these farmers with their permission.  Just drop us a line below.

Farming For Nature is a non-profit organisation and we simply want to support nature-friendly farmers and farming practices.  In order for us to continue building our network and sharing our message, we need help from the media in terms of referencing Farming for Nature in articles, on documentaries/TV features, on the radio and across digital platforms and social media. We kindly ask that any information you share on our ambassadors, their farms or any of our resources, are referenced with a simple ‘This farmer is part of the exemplary Farming For Nature Ambassador network, for more information on our work or how  to engage with nature-friendly farming practices, go to or such like to help us spread our message.

You can also keep up to date with all our latest press releases, just send us a note below in the contact box with your media details and we will add you to our media contact lists.

Organising events/speakers

If you would like to have a Farming For Nature Ambassador speak at an event or hold an event on their land, we can help connect you to the right one.  However, we suggest that the Ambassador receives a fee for their time and expertise.  For more information drop us a line here.


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