Farm Walks

We are organising a series of farm walks every month throughout the summer.  These walks are an opportunity for the Farming For Nature farmers to showcase their contribution to nature and good farming practices on their land.  The farmer may be supported by a third-party (eg ecologist) who has either worked on this farmland beforehand or is sourced by Farming For Nature.


  • This will be an approximate 3-hour session on the farm includes a walk around with the farmer, looking at some of the habitats and species present, as well as the livestock and/or crops, and discussing with the farmer how he/she/they manage the land in support of nature.
  • The farm family will lead the event but may also be supported by a relevant professional – either known to the farmer or organised by FFN.
  • These will be a series of walks once a month between May and October.
  • As numbers are restricted to 50, you have to book a place beforehand through our booking system then you will receive exact details of where to meet etc.
  • It is free to register.  However, you are able to add a donation to the Farming For Nature initiative if you wish – however, there is no obligation to do so.
  • This event has been jointly supported by Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine and the National Parks and Wildlife Service.

So far we have the following farm walks in the pipeline:

11am-2pm, 18th MAY 2019: Donal Sheehan and family, Co.Cork            CAN REGISTER NOW
Exact time tbc 8th JUNE 2019: Oliver Nagle, Co.Clare                  REGISTRATION WILL OPEN SHORTLY
2pm-5pm, 22nd JUNE 2019 : Kim and Mirielle McCall, Co.Kildare      CAN REGISTER NOW
Exact day tbc JULY 2019: Sean O’Farrell, Co.Tipperary                              REGISTRATION WILL OPEN SHORTLY
11-2pm, 7th AUGUST 2019: Tommy Earley and family, Co.Roscommon                     REGISTRATION WILL OPEN SHORTLY
2pm-5pm, 17th AUGUST 2019: The Calvey Family, Co.Mayo                    REGISTRATION WILL OPEN SHORTLY
Exact day tbc SEPTEMBER 2019: Padraig Corcoran and family, Co.Roscommon          REGISTRATION WILL OPEN SHORTLY


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