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Farm Walks Schedule 2024 

Here is our farm walk schedule for May-October 2024.  We will be adding to the below in due course.
If a walk is sold out you can join a waiting list to be informed if additional spaces become available.

Please contact Sarah [email protected] or 0871797352 with any queries relating to farm walks

All Walk Bookings here

19th May @ 2pm, Boyd Bryce, Sheep Farmer, Co. Donegal

Providing ample cover for wildlife while running a flock of 400 sheep DONE

31st May @ 12pm, Mariann Klay, Equine Farmer, Co. Kildare
Prioritising biodiversity as a key part of a successful Stud Farm DONE

1st June @ 11am, Bruce Thompson, Dairy Farmer, Co. Laois
Improving soil fertility and reducing the parasite burden using dung beetles on an intensive dairy farm DONE

7th June @ 11am, Anthony Mooney, Beef Farmer, Co. Kildare
The many ways to help nature on a productive beef farm DONE

8th June @ 11 am, Tom Stack, Dairy Farmer, Co. Limerick
Input-free and output-high – reaping the rewards of Korean Natural Farming in organic dairying  DONE

14th June @11am, Gearóid Maher, Dairy Farmer, Co. Limerick

Profitability and farming for nature and water on a conventional dairy farm DONE

15th June @ 2pm, David Kerr, Dairy Farmer, Co. Laois
Technically efficient dairy farming with room for nature  DONE

23rd June @ 2pm, Lisa Gifford, Goat Farmer, Co. Leitrim
Turning a hay barn into a creamery –  producing award-winning raw milk goats cheese  SOLD OUT, JOIN WAITING LIST

29th June @ 11am, Gerard Walshe, Beef Farmer,  Co. Galway
Managing cattle for wildfire prevention and protecting diverse habitats  BOOK TICKETS

30th June @ 2pm, James Ham, Beef Farmer, Co. Westmeath

Rejuvenating old hedgerows and encouraging biodiversity with continuous cover forestry on a suckler enterprise  BOOK TICKETS

6th July @ 2pm, Andrew Chilton, Alpaca Farmer, Co. Roscommon

Alpaca farming and biodiversity- thinking diversity of species as well as income streams  BOOK TICKETS

7th July @ 2pm, Kate Egan, Market Gardener, Co. Westmeath

Accelerating biodiversity and building climate resistance on a smallholding BOOK TICKETS

13th July @ 11am, Cathal Mooney, Mixed Farmer, Co. Donegal

Ecologically, socially and financially stable – a holistic, regenerative approach to farming  BOOK TICKETS

20th July @ 11am, Suzanna Crampton, Sheep Farmer, Co. Kilkenny

The value of dung beetles in sheep production BOOK TICKETS

26th July @ 2pm, Darina Allen, Mixed Farmer, Co. Cork

Pioneering sustainable food production – mixed farming on 100 acres SOLD OUT JOIN WAITING LIST

27th July @ 2pm, Fergal Smith, Mixed Farmer, Co. Clare

Integrating Korean Natural Farming into a mixed system  BOOK TICKETS

10th August @ 11am, Liam & Justina Gavin (Drumanilra Farm), Mixed Farmers, Co. Roscommon

Produced in Roscommon, sold in Roscommon – organic mixed farming and supplying your own restaurant chain BOOK TICKETS

11th August @ 11am, Blátnaid Gallagher, Sheep Farmer, Co. Galway

Promoting healthy soil and supporting biodiversity to produce an abundance of grass and biofibre on a sheep farm BOOK TICKETS

17th August @ 11am, Patrick Frankel, Mixed Farmer, Co. Cork

Ecological diversity on a 145-acre market garden, orchard and beef farm BOOK TICKETS

24th August @ 2pm, Thomas & Claire O’ Connor, Mixed Farmers, Co. Kerry

Using organic, permaculture, agro-ecology and agroforestry principles – the abundance form marginal land when farming with nature”


25th August @ 2pm, Olly Nolan, Beekeeper and Mixed Farmer, Co. Dublin

Pollinator-friendly farming in the Dublin Mountains BOOK TICKETS

21st September @ 11am, James Gilmartin, Mixed Farmer,  Co. Leitrim

Farming for the head, heart and the pocket – regenerative systems for sustainable farming BOOK TICKETS

More to be announced.

These farm walks are an opportunity for Farming for Nature farmers to showcase their contribution to nature and good farming practices on their land. They are a great opportunity to meet likeminded farmers and to gain an insight into the creative and inspiring ways that farmers can incorporate, protect and enhance nature on their land. The walks cost €10 to attend. This is a not-for-profit initiative and all monies received will be circulated back into the farming community.


  • This will be a 2.5 hour (approximately) visit to  the farm and will include a walk around with the farmer/farm family, a look at some of the habitats and species present, as well as focusing specifically on actions the farmer has done for nature with their livestock and/or crops, and a discussion with the farmer about how they manage the land in support of nature.
  • Numbers will normally be restricted to approx. 25 attendees, so in order to secure a place you must to book a ticket beforehand through our booking system. You will receive the farm location and meeting point for the walk via email the week of the walk.
  • Numbers will normally be restricted to approx. 25 attendees, so in order to secure a place you must to book a ticket beforehand through our booking system.  Ticket holders will receive the farm location, parking instructions and the meeting point for the walk, via email, the week of the walk. Please keep an eye on your email and spam folder (as sometimes these emails end up in spam).
  • These walks are for farmers and people with an interest in farming for nature.  They are meant to be an interactive knowledge exchange between people with a real interest in farming and nature.  They are not suitable for children, or for people/groups looking for an ‘organised walk’ in the countryside.
  • These walks are non-profit but a booking fee is necessary. It costs €10 to register and all funds are circulated back into the farming community.
  • Please wear suitable footwear for uneven and potentially muddy conditions.
  • We would ask that you please respect these farmers, their land and livestock when visiting. Dogs are not welcome. You will be turned away if you arrive with one.

Farming For Nature would like to thank the farmers for their generosity in hosting these farm walks and facilitating onsite discussions around their practical actions for nature.

These events have been jointly supported by Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine and the National Parks and Wildlife Service.

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