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There is widespread awareness of the environmental damage that can be caused by the wrong type of farming. We hear about it all the time. There isn’t as much discussion of those that are doing a great job farming for nature, about the positive stories, meaning we don’t have many good role models. This negative narrative can alienate farmers from nature, making them feel apart from it rather than part of it. Encouraging farmers to feel that they are part of the solution, not just the problem, is the first step in a long journey which will require a lot of financial and technical support, new partnerships and new visions. This can hopefully be the start.

The Farming for Nature initiative seeks to acknowledge and support those farmers who farm, or wish to farm, in a way that will improve the natural health of our countryside.

‘To change the world, let’s start by changing the way we talk about it, and let’s highlight those initiatives that are having a positive impact on people and the planet, to renew our confidence and spur us into action’ (Sparknews)


Latest News

Farming For Nature Ambassador Awards Update

Well the nomination process is closed and we received 48 nominations this year including a few farmers that were nominated a couple of times!  Within these there is an incredible diversity of landscapes, habitats and farming systems throughout the 4 provinces.   Over the next month ...

Farming for Nature Ambassador Awards 2019 – just weeks left to get your nomination in!

The National Farming for Nature Award has just a few weeks left for nominations to find the Farming For Nature Ambassadors for 2019 - deadline 12th May.  This award aims to source and share stories of farmers across Ireland who are adjudged to be managing ...


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