The Hare’s Corner

The Hare’s Corner

The Hare’s Corner is a way to offer farmers the chance to enhance the natural capital of their own holdings by installing ponds, (Burren pine) woodlands and (Seedsavers) Orchards through an initiative hosted by our parent organisation the Burrenbeo Trust.  If you wish to be consider for it, you must go through The Horse’s Mouth Mentorship programme first.   See here for more information.


23 ponds were completed in 2023 as part of this Hare’s Corner grant system.

Through the Farming For Nature pond grant, I was able to make a long term investment into a unique wetland habitat which will one day support a myriad of flora and fauna. These include aquatic plants, frogs, beetles, dragonflies, bats and birds – all of which will naturally find their way to the pond over time. These additional species will enhance biodiversity and help shift the overall balance of the farm system to a healthier, more sustainable equilibrium. This balance will mean a flourishing wildlife, fewer pest issues, improved crop production and a resilience to extreme climate conditions including drought. Not only is a pond a beautiful aesthetic for people to enjoy, it’s contribution to the biological health of the land and future generations cannot be underestimated.   Conor McCauley, pond grant recipient, 2023, Co. Cork

I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the support and effort and expertise from Farming For Nature and Feidhlim Harty! I’m so so thrilled with what we have achieved and with the funding paying for over half the cost it made the whole project possible. It had been a distant dream to do this and I never expected it all to come together so quickly and so well!  Thank you so much again.  Melissa Levinge, pond grant recipient, 2023, Co. Wexford.



At the end of 2022, we piloted this when we offered 16 Farming For Nature Ambassadors the chance to install wildlife ponds on their land.   This work was guided by a wetlands ecologist, Feidhlim Harty and supported by funding from the NPWS.  There are now wildlife ponds 16 farms in 13 counties.  Furthermore as part of this collaboration, rare ‘Burren Pine’ trees (along with native companion species) were also allocated to a further 16 FFNAs for hare’s corner mini-woodlands.

Whilst FFN coordinated this project in 2022 with our Ambassadors, ‘The Hare’s Corner’ initiative is hosted by our parent organisation the Burrenbeo Trust which means that these works will be added to their database can then promoted to other farmers and share their experiences going forward.   More information on the Burrenbeo Trust Hare’s Corner project here.

A few days ago, it was a joy to observe swallows swooping down to drink from the new pond. Thanks to Farming for Nature for that financial support. Sean O’ Farrell, Farmer, Co.Tipperary.




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