Burren Winterage School

Each year the landscape charity, Burrenbeo Trust, organise the Burren Winterage School as an opportunity for farmers, scientists, policy makers, and advisors to come together and discuss high nature value farming.    It forms part of a broader festival of events to celebrate and support pastoral farming and its importance to our rural communities and heritage.

The Farming For Nature Ambassador Awards form part of this event.

This event  is always the bank holiday weekend of October each year.   More information will be available in due course on www.burrenwinterage.com 

To view the programme from last year see here.

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What others think

It is great to be able to meet all these people who think the same way as we do. Very often, as a farmer, you work in isolation, especially if you do something a bit different from the “norm”. It gives a great boost to know there are a lot more farmers who do the same thing in their own corner and to feel supported in your ideas.
(McCall Family, Farming For Nature Ambassador 2018)

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