Burren Winterage School

Each year the landscape charity, Burrenbeo Trust, organises the Burren Winterage School as an opportunity for farmers, scientists, policy makers, and advisors to come together and discuss high nature value farming.    It forms part of a broader festival of events to celebrate and support pastoral farming and its importance to our rural communities and heritage.  This event  is usually held a different village in the Burren each year on the October bank holiday weekend, however this year it is virtual.  A Farming For Nature workshop day and network day usually happen on the Saturday of the Burren Winterage School in a village in the Burren.  The Ambassador Awards then form the evening part of this event.   More up to date information is available on www.burrenwinterage.com   

View a quick overview of the 2021 Burren Winterage School and Cattle Drive here:

Burren Winterage School 2021

Below are the recordings from the different panel discussions held on the Farming For Nature Workshop day in Kinvara on the 23rd October 2021.  All the panel speakers are Farming For Nature Ambassadors.

This 1st session was with farmers Gerard Walshe, Bridget Murphy and Michael Hickey talking about ‘High Nature Value farmer in Practice.’ Facilitators were Drs Brendan Dunford and James Moran.


This 2nd session was with farmers Padraig Corcoran, Jane Shackleton, and Tommy Earley talking about ‘Paying for Ecosystem Services.’ Facilitators were Drs Brendan Dunford and James Moran.

This 3rd session was Thomas Stack, John McHugh, Mimi Crawford and Gearoid Maher talking about ‘Diversification in Dairy.’ Facilitator was Hannah Quinn Mulligan.

This 4th session was with farmers Thomas O’Connor, Andrew Bergin and Thomas Fouhy talking about ‘Producing low input nutrient dense food’ Facilitator was Sean McGloin.

If you missed the Farming For Nature Ambassador Awards 2021, you can now watch it here:


What others think about the Farming For Nature Workshop day

It is great to be able to meet all these people who think the same way as we do. Very often, as a farmer, you work in isolation, especially if you do something a bit different from the “norm”. It gives a great boost to know there are a lot more farmers who do the same thing in their own corner and to feel supported in your ideas.
(McCall Family, Farming For Nature Ambassador 2018)


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