Patrick O Sullivan

Patrick O’Sullivan runs a mixed cattle and sheep farm in the MacGillycuddy Reeks of Co. Kerry. The farmland consists of lowland pasture and mountain commonage. Partrick runs 160 mountain ewes, selling lamb as stores in the local mart. He keeps a few horses and more recently he introduced a few shorthorn cattle to the farm as well. A participant farmer in the MacGillycuddy Reeks EIP, Patrick is involved in a grazing trial whereby cattle are grazed on the commonage in a controlled manner during the summer months. The aim of the trial is to use cattle grazing the commonage as a means of controlling the different types of vegetation, reducing fire risks and protecting the ecology of the area. Patrick has been a keen participant in the project and plans to proceed with the practice of moving his cattle upland to graze the commonage over the coming years. Patrick's low impact farming system is crucial to the protection of wildlife and habitats in the upland area.

Nomination Description:
Patrick (Patie) is a participant in the Reeks EIP project. He has been willing to try new initiatives on the commonage to improve the condition of the upland peatland habitat, including the re-introduction of suitable breeds of cattle, and has even purchased a few Droimeann cattle to trial controlled grazing during the summer months.
Patie is always eager to share his experience and learnings with others. He has a comprehensive understanding of the effects of the invasive species Rhododendron ponticum if not treated appropriately and how it will destroy the habitats where it grows.
Patie is developing a strong grasp of the balance between suitable agricultural practices and ecology in the upland area that he farms, and feels that results based incentivised payments are part of the solution for halting further biodiversity loss on farmland.
Nominator: Patricia Deane, Project Manager, MacGillycuddy Reeks EIP

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