Patrick Frankel

Patrick Frankel runs an organic farm just beside Doneraile Park in Doneraile, Co. Cork. He has beef and sheep, forestry and he grows a wide range of organic vegetables for sale direct to consumers and also to supply up to 30 restaurants in Cork city and the surrounding areas. Patrick is a great producer with a deep interest in biodiversity, soil heath and sustainable food production.

His passion is vegetable production and he grows in a walled garden combining an orchard with potatoes. He grows a wide range of vegetables including leeks, kale, garlic, Jerusalem artichokes, potatoes, tomatoes, french beans and salad leaves. He has 4 polytunnels that specialise in overwinter salads, and summer crops such as peppers, tomatoes and aubergines.

For many years Patrick has sold his organic produce at the Coal Quay market in Cork joining a group of other local food producers. In addition he sells fresh produce to a range of restaurants and cafes in the area. He is renowned for his tasty salad leaves. Patrick loves talking to chefs about what he is growing at his farm and the passion Patrick shows for what is produced at Kilbrack farm is passed onto chefs to grow inspiring dishes with the fruit and vegetables from the farm. A native of the area Patrick is carving out a career for himself and those at Kilbrack as a farm growing excellent quality produce while enhancing the locally diverse ecosystem. The diversity in produce at Kilbrack is produced while enhancing the diversity in the surrounding agroecological system.
Nominator: Grace Maher, Development Officer, Irish Organic Association

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