Cathal Mooney

Cathal Mooney of Heather Hill Farm is a regenerative farmer located in Donegal. He takes a holistic approach to farming, focusing on ecological, social and economical goals. Heather Hill Farm produce pasture raised turkey, pasture raised chicken, pasture raised eggs, wildflower honey and grass-fed lamb. They operate a Holistic Planned Grazing system, meaning their animals are moved to fresh pasture every day. Not only does this benefit the animals, but it helps build soil fertility and create habitats. They have implemented a Silvopasture system where fruit trees, nut trees and berry bushes have been planted throughout their grassland. This increases biodiversity and contributes to healthy soil. Common visitors to the farm include red squirrel and red deer. This year they are planning to build a pond on the farm to create a water habitat. Cathal is passionate about education. He believes strongly in building personal relationships with his customers and educating them on where their food comes from and how it is produced. He frequently runs farm tours/open days, giving customers and farmers the opportunity to see first-hand the regenerative farming practices he is carrying out. “Our goal is to produce local food for the community. We want our customers to become our friends and come to the farm to see how their food is produced.” Working in ways that mimic nature, building healthy soil, selling direct to customers and providing education around regenerative agriculture is central to what they do at Heather Hill Farm - “We aim to produce quality grass fed produce that improves the soil, adds value to our community and sustains the farm into the future.”

Nomination Description:
Cathal is passionate about regenerative farming. He is driven first and foremost with caring for the soil. Whatsmore he actively engages with his customers so they too learn the value in farming regeneratively, with nature and for the soil. From soil to plate, Cathal, Heather Hill Farm, is great example of what's possible on a small scale.
Nominator: Sinead Moran, FFN Ambassador

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