Shane Taaffe

I was on Shane's farm on one occasion. He farms 160 acre, mainly a dairying enterprise. I was first of all impressed with his interest in trees and birds. He has planted a grove of about 1,000 native trees, mainly oak, birch and alder (picture attached). There a also fine mature specimens of native oaks and also some lime trees on the farm. He has planted some new hedges with mainly whitethorn and holly. He has used native trees on the farm to create shelter belts and to enhance the wildlife value of the farm. He speaks favourable about the semi-natural grasslands on the farm and there value for pollinators, insects and birds. He is pleased to notice birds of prey especially around the area where the ringfort is.
I have also met Shane at a 'biodiversity week' event on another farm, where ideas and experiences were being shared.
Nominator: Sean O Farrell, FFN Ambassador

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