Thomas Tierney

Tommy is an arable farmer from Co Tipperary. Having decided to stop ploughing a number of years ago and move to a strip tillage system, he has in more recent years moved to a no-till system. Along his route of transition he has adapted conservation agriculture principles into his system. Covercrops, minimum tillage, good crop rotations, soil balancing and pollination strips are all high on the agenda on Tommys farm. He also runs his farm on a low input system, reducing his risk and costs by brewing his own extracts, bio fertilisers, ferments, trace minerals and biological seed dressing. Topped off with his own homemade compost is the icing on the cake to an over all beneficial system for environment, biodiversity, ecology, water quality and of course nature. We believe the work that Tommy does and his holistic and gentle approach to soil, environment, biology and willingness to share his successes as well as failures will make him an most suitable ambassador.
Nominator: Norman Dunne, FFN Ambassador

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