Moira Hart

Moira Hart runs Wexford Lavender Farm near Gorey County Wexford. The farm developed from Moira’s interest in flowers and gardening. In 2013, Moira planted one field of lavender and opened the farm to the public in 2014. Another field of lavender was planted in 2018 and now there is a total of 4 acres of lavender on the farm. There is a variety of different species of lavender growing on the farm, providing different flowers, colours, scents and so on. The farm is certified organic and there are no external inputs required. Management of the lavender plants requires year-round weeding and cutting back the plants in September time. A small number of lavender oils and cosmetics are produced on site. Farm visitor numbers are increasing every year. There is an on-site café and visitors can purchase bunches of fresh or dried lavender from the farm. Moira employs seasonal staff during the busy time of year. The farm is a haven for pollinating insects in the summer months - “The lavender attracts tremendous numbers of bumblebees during the summer months.” A local beekeeper keeps a few hives on the farm. The red kite and buzzard and often seen overhead and the woodland next to the farm attracts many songbirds to the land.

Lavender is an innovative perennial crop on Wexford Lavender Farm in Co. Wexford. It is converted into a unique product range of certified organic oils, soaps, and candles. The farm is an absolute haven for pollinators - This is a simple but superb example of making small farms work while nature thrives.
Nominator: Clive Bright, FFN Ambassador

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