John Marrinan

John should be nominated for the Farming For Nature Awards for all the amazing work he has done in the Burren.
Nominator: Oliver Nagle, Farming For Nature Ambassador

John is a true ambassador for farming for nature in the Burren. As someone who lives and breathes farming for conservation, he powerfully describes his environmentally friendly style of farming as being a ‘lifestyle choice’.

He also independently organises group meet ups for farmers in the locality, giving farmers a chance to come together and discuss their concerns and share their ideas about all things farming.  John enthusiastically shares his knowledge of traditional farming in the Burren with visitors to his farm in the heart of the Burren and the work that he has done through the Burren Porogramme.

John is a keen event expert for the Burren Conservation Volunteers (BCV’s) and has spent numerous days working in the Burren training the BCV's in dry stone walling. He is an excellent host ensuring that the walling events end on a high note with tea and coffee in his cottage. As an active volunteer with Burrenbeo, John also hosts Burrenbeo’s monthly educational walks in the Burren, ensuring all those who show up can safely enjoy their walk.

In his own words; he ‘just wants to leave the place a little better than he found it’.

Nominator: Tim O'Connell, Administration Assistant, The Burren Programme

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