Pat Mulrooney

Pat Mulrooney is a lifelong farmer who runs an organic dairy farm near Clonmel County Tipperary. Originally a conventional tillage farmer, Pat transitioned to organic in 1987 and now runs a dairy system, milking approximately 90 cows. Pat is a founding member of the organic dairy co-op The Little Milk Company, and approximately 90% of his milk is supplied to this dairy to produce organic Irish cheese. Pat also grows 20 acres of organic oats for Flahavans.

A pioneer in organic dairy farming in Ireland, Pat has used no artificial sprays or nitrogen on his land in over 30 years. Veterinary intervention is used only when absolutely necessary. The farm is managed in the most extensive manner possible while remaining within the parameters of a commercial organic dairy farm.

A nature lover his entire life, Pat has taken numerous actions on his farm to protect and enhance nature on the land. Hedgerows are managed for wildlife and biodiversity. Multispecies mature pastures provide habitat for insects as well as varied diet for his livestock. Areas of meadow and mature woodland also provide a crucial habitat for insects and birds on the land.

Pat is the founder of The Little Milk company. He has been a long time leading organic dairy farmer. He has always placed nature at the head of his farming priorities preserving where possible his hedgerows and by his non use of chemicals preserving and providing place for pollinators.
Nominator: Michael Hickey, FFN Ambassador

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