Liam Kildea

Liam Kildea is a lifelong farm from County Roscommon. The family farm is approximately 100 acres, most of which is High Nature Value land. The farm is situated on the unique karst landscape of south Roscommon. Karst is an area of land made up of limestone, similar to the Burren landscape. There are many unique plant species growing on the land – “Our farm is a primary site in the whole country for the wild orchid”. The farm is very extensively managed and very few external inputs are used. Liam keeps a small herd of cattle to graze the natural and biodiverse grassland. The cattle spend the winter outdoors grazing the winterage. Hay or silage is cut off the better land to supplement winter feeding. A 3rd generation farmer on the land, Liam has made a big effort to maintain traditional methods of working the land - “the older generations were much wiser, and they had a greater understanding for nature”.

Liam is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about the unique landscape and geology of his farm. He is actively working to increase awareness of the historical, environmental and cultural value of this type of land.

Nomination Description:
Liam Kildea farms a remarkable area of land in south Roscommon, and has a unique understanding of the importance of maintaining and maximising biodiversity through traditional farming practices. He has a deep knowledge and understanding of place, and a profound sense of historical responsibility for his place as a steward of the land. Liam also understands the role of the land in maintaining clean water and healthy ecosystems. Visiting Liam’s farm is a journey through Irish history, geology, society and culture over thousands of years. Liam would make an excellent farming for nature ambassador and I urge you to accept this nomination.
Nominator: Fergal Anderson, FFN Ambassador

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