Michael Kelly

Michael Kelly hails from Co.Westmeath where he operates a store to beef system of 180-200 cattle, across two areas of farmland. The fertile land yields high quality grass for grazing and silage production. He is interested in learning from past generations of farmers and reintroducing old farming traditions and systems.

Passionate about nature and how it can help our own physical and mental wellbeing, Michael is striving to farm in a low intensity manner and gradually reduce external inputs on the farm. He believes that farming should offer a healthy and balanced way of living and provide both environmental and economic returns.

Michael has plans to implement a Holistic Planned Grazing system on the farm and gradually introduce native Irish breeds of cattle. He has fenced off areas by the river to protect the water and its various habitats. There is lots of mature forestry around the farm which attracts plenty of wildlife – including red squirrel! Michael believes as a farmer he is a caretaker of the land and he honors the responsibility – “I don’t see myself as owning the farm, I see myself as having use of the farm and then passing it on to future generations.”

Nomination Description:
Michael is a fantastically well managed farm in Moate Co Westmeath. His planning and direction is very much farming with nature. While he is in the early stages, we would think that Michael is a very suitable candidate for a Farming for Nature Ambassadorship.
Nominator: Sean McGloin, Manager, NOTS

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