Donie Anderson

Donie Anderson is a hill farmer in the Dublin Mountains just a stone's throw from the urban sprawl he farms in a very traditional way taking a great interest in the environment . He's very involved in the Community where he lives with his wife and daughter and he's a very active member of Wicklow Uplands Council and Wicklow Mountains National Park Council which both take in the Dublin Mountains
Donie is very active in his own branch of IFA which is Bohernabrena and the Co Excutive and he is a highly respected member of the Wicklow Cheviot Owners Association
He is known all over the country for he's involvement in vintage events and sheepdog trials as a judge and competitor
Himself "Jess" and he's Geese are to seen at events all over the place with Donie getting the sheepbitch to do all sorts of work including rounding up the geese penning and loading them into a trailer.

To me Donie Anderson is a remarkable man who is always willing to help others and bring people in to his farm to let them see the great variety of animals and free range poultry on he's place. He was awarded Tallaght man of the year a few ago as he's a great link between Urban and Rural Dwellers.

Nominator: Pat Dunne (SUAS and Farming For Nature Ambassador 2018)

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