Jim Cronin

Jim Cronin has been adopting biological agriculture on his 5 acre Clare organic market garden farm with a strong commercial focus of supplying a range of retail and food service outlets. Jim is a renowned organic vegetable grower who trains people to become growers themselves.

Jim is one of our most treasured trainers at National Organic Training Skillnet and his Organic Market Gardening and Intro to Market Gardening courses sell out in double quick time every year. Jim also hosts numerous 1-day workshops each year for us, and these are all well attended. Participants are drawn to Jim's warm character, his encyclopaedic knowledge of his craft, and his incredibly impressive farm operation in Co Clare.

The best way to learn is from those that are involved every day and are able to combine the old traditions with new knowledge and methods based on sound principals – Jim does exactly that on his farm in Bridgetown, Co Clare. Originally from Ennistymon, Jim has been gardening from his early childhood. He never lost the passion and excitement of practicing and exploring Organic Gardening and is now known to many as a leading expert in organic horticulture and is a mine of information and advice on all aspects of growing organically, with a lifetime of experience and a deep love of working in cooperation with nature. Jim is also an advocate of local, sustainable agriculture and was a founding member of the thriving Killaloe Farmers Market where he sells his garden fresh produce all year round.
Nominator: Kevin Fagan, Communications Manager, National Organic Training Skillset

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