Aonghus Johnny Choil Mhaidhc Ó Coistealbha

Aonghus Ó Coistealbha is a market gardener from Connemara Co. Galway. An Garraí Glas is a 1-acre farm where Aonghus grows a variety of chemical-free vegetables including lettuce/salad leaves, onions, tomatoes, radishes, herbs and more. A tremendous amount of vegetables are grown from a small space, not to mention a challenging landscape with plenty of stone and a strong Atlantic prevailing wind. All of the fresh produce grown is sold to local shops and restaurants, as well as in the on-farm shop. Aonghus is particularly interested in regenerative farming; composting, soil health and building fertility is of utmost importance to this farming system. Compost is made on the farm using food waste from local café’s and restaurants, seaweed and other organic material from the land. Aonghus is passionate about his local Gaeltacht community and has worked hard to educate the local community in terms of where their food comes from and how it is grown. His mission is to produce high quality, fresh and nutritious veg for the local community. He is open and willing to share his farming advice and story with anyone who would like to learn, and he takes a number of interns and volunteers on the farm every year.

Aonghas is such a passionate market Gardner only using practices that regenerate the land, he is also very passionate about the Irish language and his native Connemara, from their little garden the grow amazing veg.
Nominator: Cathal Mooney, FFN Ambassador

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