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Welcome to the September-October edition of the Farming for Nature Newsletter. This bimonthly publication contains news and upcoming events, offers helpful nature-friendly tips for your farm, and shares useful resources, including words of wisdom from our farmers!

As we enter the Autumn and approach the old feast of ‘Samhain’ – signifying the end of the harvest season – hopefully most farmers out there have the crops and fodder saved and can take a breather to reflect on the farming year, strange one that it was. Nature too is at a time of transition, the summer flowers giving way to a nutritious harvest of berries and nuts, the foodstore for our wildlife over the winter months ahead. Here at FFN we are celebrating our own ‘harvest’ of sorts, as all the work of our nominators, judges and volunteers over the past six months comes to fruition in the form of sixteen wonderful Ambassadors, eight of whom we are profiling over the coming months in a focussed effort to share their positive and inspirational stories. You can really help us in this quest by sharing the Ambassador’s short films with your own networks, so that as many people as possible can gain a better insight into farming for nature, and by voting for your favourite film as a show of support for the work of these farmers.

The Farming for Nature initiative was established to help acknowledge and support those farmers who farm, or wish to farm, in a way that improves the natural health of our countryside. It was set up by people with a genuine interest in the wellbeing of our rural landscapes, many of whom work on a voluntary basis to build up this network and profile the good practices that are happening across the country. There are ways in which we can all get involved in this initiative, so please read on and see what you can do.




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