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Ian Short 3 years
Dear All: I am a partner in an EU-funded project AGROMIX . The aim of the project is to deliver participatory research to drive the transition towards resilient farming and efficient land use. There is a particular focus on Agroforestry and Mixed Farming. One of the work packages is surveying farmers and landowners to get insights into their experiences with ecological interactions on their farms. It strikes me members of the Farming For Nature forums would likely have a lot of insight into this. It is important to us to work collaboratively with farmers and land managers and we would love to ask for your insights on the beneficial ecological interactions on your farm. Please follow the link below: With so much focus on farming and environmental sustainability, your responses will help inform us as to how farms can rely on nature to be more resilient in the face of economic or climate shocks.  All responses will be treated with the utmost confidence. Thanking you in advance. Best wishes, Dr Ian Short Teagasc Forestry Development Dept. | [email protected] | Twitter: <a href="">@IanShort_Forest
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