Volunteers needed for moth monitoring project

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Hi all, The National Biodiversity Data Centre is coordinating a project which involves monitoring moth populations on Irish farmland. Moths are in decline in Ireland and as improtant nocturnal pollinators, we need to know how their populations are faring. With around 64% of Ireland's land dedicated to farming, surveying farmland is particularly important. This is done using a lightweight, automatic moth trap which is operated once every two weeks. Participants would take a photo of each type of moth found in the trap, which are then sent back to NBDC for idenfication. After a very successful pilot scheme in Co. Kildare last year, we are trialling the project in Co. Donegal. If any farmers in Donegal would like to be involved or like more information then please don't hesistate to email me at: [email protected] As well as providing a valuable insight into moth species' distributions, it is the prefect opportunity to find out which moths you have on your farm. We had some great feedback from the pilot scheme last year, so why not give it a try? Thanks, Owen Beckett
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