Thoughts on wetland agriculture/ paludiculture?

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Hi folks, My name is Freya Connolly, a masters student at University of Galway, working alongside Care-Peat, an EU Interreg project focusing on the future potential of peatlands. I am posting this in order to get the word out on our ongoing survey aimed at Irish farmers and their knowledge on wetland agriculture, or ‘Paludiculture’. If you are a farmer or landowner in Ireland with peat soils on your land, please click the link below to complete our survey, it should only take about 10 minutes of your time. If you know anyone who might be interested in what we are working on feel free to forward on the survey also. All of this research is going towards creating policy that works with the farmers and landowners so I hope you will be able to help in any way you can to get the word out. Survey: Beyond the survey, I'm also just curious to know your thoughts on using our peatlands for wetland agriculture, what do you think? Thanks guys Photo Attachment
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