Sustainable Food Systems Workshops in Kerry

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TOConnor 2 months
Series of workshops taking place at MTU Kerry to develop solutions for sustainable and efficient food supply  Open to people working across fruit, vegetable, fishing, livestock production and food service businesses Researchers from Munster Technological University in Kerry and University College Dublin have partnered with FoodCloud, the leading Irish food redistribution organisation, to work together to support efficiency and prevent food loss and waste in Irish food supply chains, through the Science Foundation Ireland-funded “FRED: Food Resource Efficiency Decision support” project. As part of the project, MTU Kerry campus will be hosting two workshops aimed at food system stakeholders to map out the priorities for sustainable and efficient food supply in their sector and collaboratively develop solutions with the research team:
  • The first workshop takes place on 4th March in MTU Kerry, Tralee for fruit, vegetable, fishing and food services businesses. If you work in the sector and would like to participate, please register via:
  • The second workshop takes place 7th May in MTU Kerry, Tralee, and is calling on livestock producers to get involved (register here:
The workshops are the second phase of the FRED project, while the first phase focused on consultation with food producers, processors, retailers, and hospitality and food service businesses, as well as public bodies and non-governmental organisations with a consumer focus (including those working to reduce food poverty), policy-makers, and food systems researchers, to better understand the challenges and opportunities for food loss and waste prevention in different sectors of the Irish food system. For further information on the project, visit: or contact Dr. Jennifer Attard ([email protected]) Photo Attachment
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