Saving the Native Irish Honey Bee - How you can help

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The Native Irish Honey Bee Society is dedicated to the promotion, conservation and nurturing of the Native Irish Honey Bee, Apis mellifera mellifera, Amm. All across the island of Ireland social enterprise organisations, commercial entities and beekeeping associations strive to preserve the Black Irish Honey Bee. They do this by declaring Conservation Areas which are areas of land dedicated to the future of Amm. Within these areas it is declared that no other honey bee will be imported, bred or kept other than the native honey bee. A Conservation Area is a "persuasion model" whose object is to educate, persuade and encourage. Can you help in any way ? Do you own land on which our native honey bee could thrive ? Are you a beekeeper or farmer  who is willing to nurture Amm for the future ? Do you keep other strains of honey bee and wish to convert to native bees ? Whatever your angle do join in to save a very precious resource, our Native Irish Honey Bee. If you would like to know more then contact me at [email protected] and take a look at our website,
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