Researchers - natural regeneration woodland vs planted

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Hi , I have 1 hectare of land that has been in wild bird cover for GLAS over the last 5 years. This scheme has now ended  and I was planning on planting it with native forestry. However it is quite a unique piece of land as it is surrounded by forestry plantations (native forestry, oak/larch, lodgepole pine) that have been planted over the last 3 to 25 years. I am interested in allowing the land to reseed itself naturally and thought that it could perhaps be used as a research project, to compare how planted forestry performs next to the wild regenerated forestry . The land is near Kill , Co.Kildare and only 20 mins from Newlands Cross. If you are interested in carrying out a project please give me a ring on 087 9633808, thanks (Stephen Morrison)
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