Regenerative farmers - looking for farmers to be involved in research

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Hi all, I am looking for survey participants as well as Regenerative Ag Case Study participants.
My organization SECAD Partnership (a rural development organization based in Cork)  is partnered with 7 higher research and agricultural institutes across Europe as part of an EU ERASMUS+ funded research project (project name REGINA) - to study the uptake of Regenerative Ag across Europe, and what constraints are limiting uptake, what supports could be in place etc.
We have a survey we are looking for Irish farmers to complete (which is open to all farmers to partake in, whether they are conventional or alternative etc). I would appreciate if anyone could take 5-10 mins to complete the survey.
Additionally you are welcome to copy the survey link and forward it onto any other farmers you know!
In addition to the survey we are looking to gather at least 6 illustrated case studies of farms in Ireland that follow regenerative practices. For this a simple form is to be filled out about farm facts (size, practices etc) as well as ideally some photos or videos being provided. We initially will gather several case studies, then most likely select 6 of the most varied/descriptive studies for publication in the project etc.
We are in the works of setting up a website for this EU project- however I am unsure as to when this will be completed yet.
If you have any further questions about the project I am happy to provide more info, you can email me at [email protected]
Isabel Auld
Development Officer @SECAD Partnership CLG
Organic Farmer
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