Land available: What to do with it?

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Peter 1 year
Hello, Land available. Question: What to do with it? In County Cork. c. 20 hectares. Good quality land, used for cattle up to now. --- My father is a farmer. He is slowly retiring. He wishes to not farm this parcel of land anymore. So, he would probably like to lease it out from next spring. ---- I am not a farmer, and do not intend to farm it myself, or be involved on the ground. [at least not in short-term] My concern: The world's environment is becoming extremely seriously and precariously harmed with biodiversity loss, climate change and water quality issues. Conventional dairy and beef farming are, as I see it now, a huge part of the problems of biodiversity, climate and water. So, I am wondering is it morally alright to be part of this conventional harmful cattle-farming system? Or does a landowner or farmer have a moral responsibility to do something very different and not harmful with the power they have in owning some land? ... So, I am wondering: should we just lease the land out to a conventional, local dairy farmer? Or are there alternatives to leasing I haven't knowledge of? Or, if not, alternatives within leasing? i.e.: Are there people out there who would realistically be interested in being involved somehow in such land? But in a very different way that would not be nearly as harmful as conventional dairy and beef farming? Doing with the land I do not know what. ? If leasing, would they be able to afford to lease it and make a profit with some alternative enterprise? --- I have read through the Farming For Nature web-site, and I agree with type of farming FFN types to promote. --- I am just exploring what options are out there, if any, without committing to anything at the moment. I would appreciate just a little bit of information. Or advice. Or new perspective. Or who/what I should contact to proceed. Warm regards. if needed: [email protected]
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