Herbal leys

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Hi all. I am transitioning the family beef suckler traditional farm in Wexford to a mixed regenerative enterprise and I am going to reseed a 2.5ha field this spring with a mixed herbal ley. I need advice on what seed mix and where to get it. The field was in rape-kale this winter and is heavily poached so needs to be ploughed. I am hoping that I'll never have to plough it again as I will be changing to holistic planned grazing and hope to build soil health that way too

 It's a free draining soil, slight NW aspect with PH 6.7, P is 8.8mg/l index 4, K is 135 mg/l index 3, N should be good and will be fixed by a legume in the mix. That all looks good.

Anyone out there got any tips & much needed advice? Many thanks, Kieran.

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