Hay cutting & ragwort

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Hello, I'm just wondering if anyone would have any advice or ideas on what to do with semi-natural grassland that has a fair bit of ragwort. Ideally we were going to cut for hay in the first year (the land had been under a long term lease to another farmer up until April this year and ragwort wasn't controlled, as he had no need to), and have been spot spraying and cutting large quantities of ragwort for the last few months, but there is still a fair bit present. I'm not keen on getting a boom sprayer in that would wipe out everything. Does anyone have any ideas for an alternative use for hay that has ragwort? We also don't have the equipment to cut and bale ourselves, so would be hoping to get someone in to cut, bale and take away, if they had any use for it. Any advice or ideas appreciated. Regards, Ciara
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