Farms experience in switching from traditional intensive farming to more environmental conscious farming

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Hi Everyone, I am am Interaction Design student in NCAD Dublin, My Masters project is focusing on encouraging Irish farmers to adapt new farming practices due to climate change. I am looking for farmers to answer a few questions over phone or zoom, The questions would mainly surround current farming practices, the changes made to be more environmental conscious about climate change, sustainability and wildlife habitats, the benefits it has on both the environment and the farmer. I would also be open to do farm visit, that you can show me what you have implemented and how it benefits the environment and for yourself. I want to know what made you want to take the risk, what were the barriers for you in making the changes,  what were easy to implement and what wasn't. The insights will help my research to identify what farmers need to adapt to the climate change and encourage the farmers to think more about the environment. Any questions, feel free to contact me for more information, Contact details: Phone:0830907888 Email: [email protected] 0r [email protected] Kindest Regards, Michael
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