Extra hands on the farm

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Dear farmers, in the Dordogne in France there is a group of schools proposing vocational studies in agriculture. These schools are involved in a European project. They would like their students to discover agriculture in Ireland to broaden the horizons of their students. Farming for nature fits perfectly into this project and I would like to ask if their are farmers who are interested in hosting students for a couple of weeks for work experience. There are several time periods possible, depending on your preferences. It concerns unpaid work experience for students around 17/18 years old, some with agricultural backgrounds but all in agricultural studies. It would be great to show them the Irish hospitality and a nature conscient way of farming! If you are interested to participate, please send me an email at [email protected] or give me a ring at 0031628328929. Thank you very much in advance and I wish you a pleasant day. All the best, Judith Reimer, Agra International
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