Eligible land

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Just joined you forum this evening and my topic may have been discussed previously. I farm a leased holding off very marginal land of about 110 acres,it consists of approximately 60 Acres of reasonable grazing and Silage land,the remainder is made up of woodland wetland shrub and a river,it is dripping with nature,wild life, bees ,birds of prey, migrating birds,geese swans ,egrit,ect.my question or issues is that every year when I submit my maps of SFP I must ommit and replace these lands with arable lands. What I'd like to see is these natural lands being included in my application,and SPF,this would be at no extra cost to the EU and would safe me investing in more expensive and difficult to accuire lands,I'm am no longer interested in intensive farming. Sorry for being so long winded but would like to hear other options.
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