The Horse’s Mouth: A new farmer-to-farmer knowledge sharing project

The Horse’s Mouth

A new farmer-to-farmer knowledge sharing project

Farming For Nature (FFN) are delighted to announce a pilot farmer-to-farmer knowledge sharing and mentorship service.  This pilot is aimed at supporting farmers and landowners who may be looking for on-the-ground practical advice from fellow farmers on how they might improve their land’s natural capital.

“This new pilot service is in response to the many queries we have received over the years from farmers and landowners who are seeking on-site advice about how to enhance the biodiversity of their land but aren’t quite sure how best to proceed. Many have asked for a fellow farmer to visit and provide practical tips on what they can do to improve the environmental condition of their farms, to learn how these Farming For Nature farmers did it on their own farms – ‘from the horse’s mouth’ as such. ” Though every farm is different, you can’t underestimate the value of some sound practical advice and encouragement from a fellow farmer.” says Brigid Barry, FFN Coordinator.

FFN has a thriving network of ‘Ambassador’ farmers through their annual Ambassador Awards programme.  Many of these Ambassadors have offered their time and expertise to be mentors on this programme.  ‘The Horse’s Mouth’ pilot project will involve one of these mentors walking the land with the owner and sharing simple, practical advice and encouragement.  In order to be considered as a host for a visit by a mentor, please visit our website and fill out the application form by the 31st August.  The host will need to pay a nominal fee to the visiting mentor and FFN will pay the rest.  FFN aims to select 20 farms this Autumn to partake in this project, with a view to expanding the concept into the future if, as expected, it proves successful.


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