Minister is adding to budgets of environmental projects that support nature

The Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Michael Creed T.D., in welcoming the Farming for Nature awards said “I am heartened by how the work done, through the locally-led Burren Programme has motivated like-minded farmers throughout Ireland.  My Department is allocating an additional €59 million, through the European Innovation Partnership Initiative, to locally-led projects aimed at environmental and biodiversity challenges and encouraging farming for nature.”  (3rd August, 2018)

Photo was taken at the 2017 Burren Winterage Weekend Cattle Drive where the Minister got to partake in the tradition of walking the cattle up into the highland for the winter time.  A practice that leads to a high diversity of flora and fauna species in this incredible landscape.  (Dr Brendan Dunford of The Burren Programme with Minister Creed).

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