Meet Our Most Recent Ambassadors – Mimi & Owen Crawford

Meet Our Most Recent Ambassadors – Mimi & Owen Crawford

We would like to introduce our most recent Farming For Nature Ambassadors, mixed stock farmers from Co.Tipperary, Mimi and Owen Crawford.  They are our February Ambassadors and we are delighted to include them in our network of Farming For Nature Ambassadors. These individuals have been chosen in acknowledgement of their long-standing commitment and contribution to farming for nature on their land and in their community.

Mimi and Owen Crawford operate Crawford’s Farm. Theirs is a small traditional Irish working farm, comprising of twenty-eight acres in Cloughjordan, Co. Tipperary.  It is certified organic where they milk about 10-12 cows, keep 15-16 pigs a year, roughly 1000 broilers and 30-40 ducks.  It is a very holistic approach of mixed stock and they believe in diversity in income streams, markets and retailers.  The husband and wife duo focus largely on their micro-dairy, with pedigree Irish Shorthorn cows dominating the pastures producing raw cream, raw butter and raw buttermilk, with all processes completed on-farm. Aside from the dairy aspect, they also engage in beef production with the weanlings with 100% grass-raised beef. They raise organic broiler chickens that follow behind the cows in the grazing rotation, have organic ducks for slug control, organic pigs to assist them to consume excess skim milk. Their traditional working farm incorporates a modern-day approach that works in harmony with nature.  They believe farming should be diverse as nature.  It is an ecosystem as well that is mutually beneficial  and the products speak for themselves.  They feel their consumer like to  buying into the whole process, the story of the farm and they are completely transparent in delivering this.  “We believe Ireland has the opportunity to produce good clean food and we want to be part of that and help others realise that opportunity as well”.

Mimi will be joining us for a free online Q&A on the 1st March as part of our weekly Ask the Farmer Q&A session. To find out more about her farming practices, please register below.

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