Meet our May Ambassador – Cyril Ó Flaithearta

We would like to introduce our most recent Farming For Nature Ambassador, beef farmer from Inis Mór, Cyril Ó Flaithearta.  Cyril is our May Ambassador and we are delighted to include him in our network of Farming For Nature Ambassadors. These individuals have been chosen in acknowledgement of their long-standing commitment and contribution to farming for nature on their land and in their community.

Cyril runs the family farm, based on Inis Mór island in Co. Galway, keeping beef cows and selling weanling calves and/or stores. The highly fragmented farm, with up on 80% of its area within an SAC runs from one side of the island to the other and contains fine examples of species rich grassland and the associated biodiversity. Active management by Cyril and his family maintain these stunning grasslands. It takes a lot of work to rebuild stone walls to control the grazing livestock, to ensure fresh water supplies on the small fragmented fields and to control encroaching bramble and scrub. Cyril’s work is a continuance of the traditional winterage management system that has created and maintained these grasslands for many generations, but he is also adopting new methods such as improvements in animal breeding and nutrition to improve the agricultural output of the farm.

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