Meet our Farmer of the Month – Oliver Nagle

This month we would like to introduce you to a farmer whose family have farmed in the Burren region for many generations. Oliver Nagle manages a traditional Burren Winterage farm on the slopes of Slieve Carran in a way that benefits both his farming system and the rich biodiversity and archaeology found on the site. This is reflected in the high ‘environmental health’ scores achieved by Oliver under the field scoring system carried out every summer by the Burren Programme. Oliver has carried out a wide range of conservation works over many years to help achieve this, including restoring old field systems and protecting natural springs. His passion and interest in both farming and nature are clear, and he has first-hand experience of practical conservation which he is great at sharing.  Oliver recently won the national ‘Farming Together for Biodiversity’ Award announced at the National Biodiversity Conference. Please see a 5-minute video filmed on Oliver’s land below.

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