Meet our April Ambassador – Patsy Carrucan

We would like to introduce our most recent Farming For Nature Ambassador, beef farmer from Co.Clare, Patsy Carrucan.  Patsy is our April Ambassador and we are delighted to include him in our network of Farming For Nature Ambassadors. These individuals have been chosen in acknowledgement of their long-standing commitment and contribution to farming for nature on their land and in their community.

Patsy farms 200 acres of rough winterage grassland and lowland grassland in Fanore, Co.Clare. Patsy is very proud of the Burren, his homeland and he has worked tirelessly to help develop a results-based agri-environment programme as an active contributor to the BurrenLIFE Project and Burren Programme. On his own farm Patsy has adjusted his grazing and feeding regimes to encourage greater biodiversity outcomes on his upland and lowland grasslands, using his management skills and experience to do so. Patsy is also very mindful of the built heritage of the area and has restored shelter walls, boundary walls and placed traditional Burren Style gates around his farm, greatly improving the visual nature of the landscape for locals and visitors to enjoy. As a farm advisor, Patsy advises local farmers on how best to protect and enhance nature on their land. “Outwintering the stock on Winterage grassland keeps the cost of wintering animals at a very low level but also frees up a lot of time for our other work and community involvement. Approx. 78 acres of the farm is very high in biodiversity. Over 100 acres of the farm is in an archaeological complex which strengthens our bond with past and our caring for what we want to leave behind us. Every day I walk out on the farm here in Fanore, I am inspired by the beauty of the area I live in and I ask myself, how did I get to be so lucky to be able to bring up a family in this wonderful landscape and why would I not want to leave it to the next generation in as good a condition, if not better, than the condition in which I received it?”

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