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Information evening about the Old Irish Goats on Howth

We are delighted to invite you to an information evening about the Old Irish Goats on Howth on the 14th of November at 7 pm @ Howth Yacht Club. 

 Dubbed “the Goats That Fight Fire”, Melissa Jeuken will share her perspective on this pioneering endeavour which reintroduced the Old Irish Goat to Howth Head after a hiatus of over half a century. To help with upland fire prevention and heathland grazing, the project combined the brilliant browsing capacity of the Old Irish Goat with a virtual fencing system to target the highly flammable European Gorse. The project supports the conservation and breeding of Old Irish Goats, with genetically informed breeding and genotype/phenotype analysis being an important aspect of the project.

 We are also offering a short tour of the fire breaks with the Old Irish Goats on active duty on Nov 14th from 11:30 to 13:30 p.m. and an afternoon walk from 14:30 to 16:30. This is a wonderful opportunity to gain insight into this groundbreaking endeavour which concludes in August 2024. To book your place on the tour, please let us know by email ([email protected])

If you have any colleagues who you feel might be interested in attending please feel free to share, the tour can be booked by email, the 7 p.m. update is an open public event.

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