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Farming For Nature Northern Ireland: Meet Our Ambassadors


Join us as we introduce six new ‘Farming for Nature Ambassadors’ who have embraced innovative practices that balance agriculture with nature.

There will be a chance to view footage showcasing their farms, where a commitment to environmental stewardship takes centre stage. Then hear from the ambassadors, who are exploring firsthand the effectiveness of farming methods that prioritise biodiversity, sustainability and resilience on an environmental and economic level. Don’t miss this opportunity to glean valuable insights, share experiences, and be inspired by the potential of “Farming for Nature.”

Watch the video to Meet our six new Farming for Nature Ambassadors in Northern Ireland

This project has been funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs as part of the Shared Island Civic Society Fund with support from the Burrenbeo Trust and The Farming for Nature Project.


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Join our forum for farmers to ask questions and share information around farming for nature.

It is set up to encourage and support farmers that are or wish to include nature more in their farming practices. Whilst it is primarily for farmers we welcome users that are able to contribute from related fields.

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