50 Places Available on Horses’s Mouth Mentorship Programme

The 2024 ‘Horse’s Mouth’ farmer to farmer mentorship programme is now open for applications.  This advisory service is available to 50 farms across Ireland to receive on-the-ground practical advice from fellow farmers on how to improve biodiversity on their land. Applications are open until May 31.

We get several queries from farmers looking for practical advice on what they can do to support nature on their land.  This service is provided by our thriving Farming for Nature network of ambassadors, who themselves,  have been recognised  for the work they do.   This is a fantastic opportunity to find out how the ambassadors do it on their  farms – from the horse’s mouth as such”.

Farming For Nature ambassadors offer their time and expertise as mentors on this programme.  The Horse’s Mouth involves a mentor carrying out an informal walk on the host farm and sharing simple, practical advice and encouragement. The host farmer pays a nominal fee of €50 to the visiting mentor and Farming for Nature covers the remaining costs.  The aim is to select 50 farms to take part this year.

2023 participant, Conor O’ Riordan a beef farmer from Co. Cork said  “Our mentor was forensic in his approach. He had a breath of knowledge and a keen interest in farming for nature.  Any farmer would be lucky to have his help and support. To have a farmer out to give you advice and  have boots on the ground is fantastic.  This type of peer to peer help is invaluable” .

Conor McAuley a horticulturalist also from Co. Cork said ‘It was a hugely motivating and worthwhile exercise for me. I am so glad to have these sorts of resources available to me. It makes me very optimistic for the future of farming in this country” .

David Russell, a dairy farmer from Co. Tipperary said “I think it’s a fantastic project and the more people that learn of it and take part in it the better for the future of farming in Ireland.”

The Horse Mouth Programme is supported by the National Parks and Wildlife Service and the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine

Applications are now open until 15th June.

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