Wild Wednesday Webinars

The Wild Wednesday Webinars is a series webinars on the themes of farming, nature and heritage. Co-hosted by the Burrenbeo Trust and the Farming for Nature initiative, they will take place every Wednesday between 8 and 9pm, throughout April, May and into June. Each webinar will give us an opportunity to virtually meet and listen to a guest speaker as they talk about their ideas, experiences and lessons they have learned in their area of work.  There will also be a chance to interact with them through a Q and A session.

Register for upcoming webinars on the below links.

  • 27th MAY: The Burren in the Bronze Age with Marion Dowd.  Register for this webinar at – https://bit.ly/WebinarWithMarion
  • 3rd JUNE: A Q&A with FFN Ambassadors, Kim McCall and Tommy Early.  Register for this webinar at here

The Wild Wednesday Webinars are free to attend but spaces are limited so do register as soon as possible.

Attending the webinar requires you to have a free Zoom app on your device (You can download it at www.zoom.us). Upon registration on the above link, you will be sent an email invitation to join the webinar and will be prompted to download the free Zoom app if you don’t have it already.

Previous Webinars.
Did you miss ones in the past, don’t worry we have them on YouTube to view.  See below:


  • 15th APRIL 2020:  ‘Farming & biodiversity in the Burren – lessons I have learned’  with Dr. Brendan Dunford
    If you missed Brendan’s webinar you can still watch it below or click here: https://youtu.be/281ydfgey8w


  • 22nd APRIL:  ‘Improving biodiversity on farmland – where there’s a will there’s a way!’ with Donal Sheehan
    If you missed Donal’s webinar you can still watch it below or click here https://youtu.be/wTE_i3dxM-Q:


  • 29th APRIL: Biodiversity in our backyards with Juanita Browne.
    If you missed Juanita’s webinar you can still watch it below or click here https://youtu.be/oOWXdoWcrlc


  • 6th MAY:  Managing healthy habitats for livestock with Clive Bright.
    If you missed Clive’s webinar you can still watch it below or click here https://youtu.be/VWYbtw-DRGA 
  • 20th MAY:  Making Nature a Priority in our Farm Business with Kate Egan.  If you missed Kate’s webinar you can still watch it below or click here https://youtu.be/RvwK2rNhzKc

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