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NOTS – Principles of Biological Agriculture with Dan Kitteridge

NOTS are delighted to confirm that Dan Kittredge, founder of the Bionutrient Food Association, for an in-depth, 4-day masterclass in the Principles of Biological Agriculture Systems.

Starting from the principle that nature has been growing healthy plants and animals for hundreds of millions of years we discuss how that has worked and then dig into practical, simple and inexpensive techniques to help improve the overall function of your farm.

The course will run in Ballywilliam, Co Wexford, across two weekends, Saturday / Sunday April 27th & 28th, and Saturday / Sunday June 22nd & 23rd.

Please note, places are limited, so sign up ASAP to confirm your place.

Course Cost: €400 when you sign up through NOTS

Course Timetable:

Weekend 1:

  • Saturday April 27th (9.30am — 5.00pm)
  • Sunday April 28th (9.30am — 5.00pm)

Weekend 2:

  • Saturday June 22nd (9.30am — 5.00pm)
  • Sunday June 23rd (9.30am — 5.00pm)

Course Content / Topics Weekend 1:

  • Photosynthesis and carbon cycle to microbial symbiosis
  • The critical role of air, water food, minerals and microbes, soil testing and mineral balancing,
  • Maintaining sufficient soil cover (for annuals or animals)
  • Maximizing polycultures
  • Seed quality, and “early childhood development” needs of plants
  • On-site water table catchment management, and much more

Course Content / Topics Weekend 2:

  • Soil conductivity, and simple recipes for ensuring it is at a high level in spring to ensure strong growth
  • Soil preparation, and natural soil amendment “fertilizers”
  • Inoculation and how to make your own inoculants
  • Brix and its use to asses plant health in season and techniques to ensure vitality
  • Plant visual analysis and nuances to guide in season management
  • Understanding the patterns between animals and plants and phases of the life cycle
  • Biochemistry and how plants build compounds and create pest and disease resistance
  • Human health and nutrition and food preparation, and much more

For more course information, email [email protected] – sign up here

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